Astri Polska’s Presence at MSPO 2018. Satellite Services and Applications

6 września 2018, 11:44
Astri Polska Marcin Mykietyn and Michał Wyszyński at the company’s stand during the MSPO 2018 event. Image Credit: Paweł Ziemnicki/

Satellite services and applications form a domain that is being emphasized by the Astri Polska company, during this year’s edition of the MSPO defence industry exhibition in Kielce. During the first day of the event the company has also been showcasing its experience and know-how, gathered as a result of work on contracts assigned in connection to the major missions carried out by ESA.

The representatives of Astri Polska suggest that satellite applications and satellite services offer the greatest business potential, at least during the current edition of the MSPO event. The company emphasized the fact that this is a growing market and that the Kielce event may be a good place to meet numerous future and current users of solutions as such.

MSPO, for us, is a good opportunity to meet customers interested in using the satellite technologies in their business. Our solutions within the crisis management domain for instance, turned out to be useful in some European projects. We want to replicate this success in Poland.

Jacek Mandas, Astri Polska CEO

 Astri Polska is also showcasing its experience related to the ESA programmes in which the company was and has been involved. This year the Polish entity is going to deliver 10 readymade products for the European agency. Astri’s management claims that involvement in the ESA-driven initiatives has a great relevance for rapid progress in the Polish space sector.

The Polish space industry is still in its infancy, and thus it is incredibly important for the domestic sector to acquire know-how through involvement in the ESA programmes. In this way, we are shaping the highly qualified and specialized personnel, whose experience would be crucial for implementation of the Polish space programme.

Jacek Mandas, Astri Polska CEO

 Astri Polska is the first Polish company of the space sector, in case of which 100% of income is derived from the space-related projects. Since it has been founded in 2010, Astri Polska has participated in around 50 projects. At the moment Astri Polska is working on around 20 space sector projects, mostly implemented within the framework of ESA-driven programmes.

Source: Astri Polska
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