PIT-RADWAR To Support Polish Armed Forces in the NATO AGS System Structure

18 października 2017, 13:23
Image Credit: NATO
Image Credit: PGZ

NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Management Agency (NAGSMA) is the NATO department responsible for the Alliance Ground Surveillance programme. The said entity has signed an agreement with the PIT-RADWAR company, one of the entities forming the PGZ Group. The contract covers the design and provision of access to the data acquired for the programme participants. The contract value is defined as more than PLN 45 million (EUR 10.650 million).

As it was stressed by the Polish Armaments Group, the AGS programme is one of the NATO’s early warning structures. It complements the operation of the E-3 Sentry AWACS system.

AGS is going to be formed around five RQ-4 Global Hawk UAVs equipped with optronic Earth observation sensor suites. The aerial-reconnaissance would make it possible to efficiently track movement and amassing of the forces, which would allow for early detection of the intentions of the potential adversary. The data gathered by the UAVs would be sent, in real time, to the main base of the programme located in Italy, as well as to the allied operational bases and national security systems responsible for reconnaissance and command activities.

Image Credit: PGZ

According to the representatives of the PGZ company, participation in the programme is tied to obtaining benefits for the Polish defence industry. The PIT-RADWAR S.A company which is a part of the PGZ Group is going to be responsible for designing and creating a system that would make it possible to access the data obtained for the countries participating in the AGS programme and NATO Allies. This is to be done in close collaboration with the prime contractor within the AGS initiative - the Northrop Grumman Corp. 

Creating a system that would, in an efficient manner, allow the user to access the AGS data is the key stage in the process of obtaining the full operational readiness within the scope of the whole programme. (...) The fact that the PGZ company is involved in this transnational undertaking is very important, from the point of view of our NATO commitments and membership. The competencies obtained when working on this system would allow us to expand the PIT-RADWAR’s potential in the C4ISR domain.

Adam Lesiński, Member of the Board at PGZ

AGS CSOP is to provide the “national” client with an ability to use the basic data gathered by the AGS system related to the ground targets, for the purpose of creating new information sets that would enhance the situational awareness. AGS data visualization would take place on portable computer hardware, so called „CSOP Client” via CSOP Server. “CSOP Server” is to deal with the fadministrative functions, also allowing the clients to securely access and transfer the confidential data via unsecured network connections.  

 “The task assigned to PIT-RADWAR by NAGSMA bears a key relevance for attaining full operational capability of the system as a whole.” - as the PGZ Group informs. The Group also noted that the value of the contract exceeds 45 million zlotys, at EUR 10.650 million. The contract is to be finalized within 33 months.

Polish Air Force Institute of Technology (Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych, ITWL) is another entity involved in the project, supporting the PGZ Group’s companies in the area of development concerning the data exchange systems, UAVs and air platform solutions. During the MSPO 2017 trade fairs, NAGSMA awarded ITWL a three-year contract regarding the participation of the Institute in the NATO AGS Battle Laboratory Capability Phase.

AGS programme, in a very specific way, leads towards making the NATO ambition of owning the joint reconnaissance mechanisms come true, as it was stated by the General Manager of the NAGSMA initiative, Jim Edge.

The Polish participation in the AGS programme would make it possible to access the reconnaissance data acquired by the UAVs at the strategic level, and to monitor the NATO Eastern Flank. AGS would be a complementary element, for the Polish Armed Forces’ reconnaissance assets.

The whole system is supervised by NATO, thus putting the system into use depends on the NATO EUCOM commander, on the basis of NATO procedures. Poland has been a part of the AGS programme since the year 2009, with Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Luxembourg, Norway and the United States also participating in the effort.

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