Two Potential Contractors in Śnieżnik Programme

20 listopada 2017, 16:20
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According to the information received by us from the spokesman of the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD, Lt. Col. Robert Wincencik, the requests concerning the deliveries of the “Śnieżnik” firearms training system were placed by two entities, namely: Military Institute of Armament Technology together with AUTOCOMP MANAGEMENT sp. z o.o. and GISS sp. z o.o..

The tendering procedure related to delivery of one Śnieżnik firearms training system began back in October this year. The final offer placing deadline was defined as 6th November 2017. As we know, the whole package is to be received by the 15th “Sieradzka” Command Support Brigade. The said element is subordinated directly to the Warszawa [Warsaw] Garrison Commander.

According to the information received by us from the Armament Inspectorate, two entities placed their requests to be involved in the procedure, here we mean:

  • Military Institute Of Armament Technology, based in Zielonka and AUTOCOMP MANAGEMENT Sp. z o.o., based in Stettin;

  • GISS sp. z o.o.

Śnieżnik system is utilized for the purpose of conducting simulated firearms training in shooting range and battlefield environments. The whole package is tailored to provide tactical training for an infantry squad. Śnieżnik also makes it possible to carry out individual training activities, in line with the “Fire Training with the use of Firearms Programme” remaining in force. The simulator in question fuses functions of a “shooting range” and these of a “battlefield”.

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Śnieżnik is a stationary laser shooting range. The system has been designed to teach how to control and assess the aiming process involving the firearms. Its purpose is also to prepare the soldiers to shoot the live ammunition on conventional shooting range, against targets and silhouettes. At the moment the system offers an ability to teach the troops how to detect, recognize and destroy the actual targets in a variety of terrain and weather conditions. It may also be used to teach the trainees on how to cooperate in combat and to teach the soldiers how to react in atypical situations, e.g. when civilians or hostages appear in sight. The solution that is being ordered is to consist of a large flat screen and 8 linearly arranged shooting stations.

As noted in October this year by the Armament Inspectorate, the contractor would be selected solely in line with the economic criteria, according to which procurement price constitutes 100% of the weight within the assessment. 

Śnieżnik has been designed and is currently manufactured by the Szczecin based Autocomp Management Sp. z o.o company, working closely together with the Zielonka Military Institute of Armament Technology (WITU).
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