MSPO 2023: Korean rockets will be produced in Poland, Polish rockets will be fired from Korean launchers

Wyrzutnia Homar-K w Kielcach.
Photo. Wojciech Kaczanowski

PGZ and Hanwha Aerospace signed an agreement to support the implementation of the second execution contract for the K239 Chunmoo (Homar-K) launchers and guided missiles. The agreement defines the general principles for the transfer of technology of 239 mm guided rockets and the launcher itself to Poland. In turn, the Chunmoo launchers will be adapted to fire Polish 122 mm rockets, known from Langusta system.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa and Hanwha Aerospace during the MSPO 2023 trade fair. The Memorandum sets out the general principles for the implementation of the second execution contract for the K239 Chunmoo system, acquired by Poland under the Homar-K programme. Technology transfer is of key importance here, as it is an essential element of the implementation of the second phase of the framework agreement.

Recall that the framework agreement of October 2022 includes a total of 290 K239 Chunmoo launchers, along with a significant number of 239 mm guided missiles and 600 mm tactical missiles, as well as training and logistics packages. All Chunmoos will be integrated with the Polish Jelcz chassis and the Topaz fire control system. In November last year, the first 218 launchers and more than 10 thousands missiles of both types were ordered, with delivery in the years 2023-2027. The implementation of this contract is already underway, the first battalion with 18 launchers is to be delivered by the end of this year.

In turn, the MOU agreement determines the division of responsibilities between Hanwha Aersopace and PGZ in the field of technology transfer and equipment deliveries. The Korean company will be responsible for conducting the licensing process with the government of the Republic of Korea in terms of technology transfer. Hanwha Aerospace will also transfer the technology of a guided rocket with a range of 80 km and will support the construction of a production plant in Poland, based on a business model to be developed in cooperation with PGZ, joint venture will be among the options to be considered.

Representatives of Hanwha Aerospace emphasize that the new production plant will provide Poland with additional workplaces, as well as export production opportunities to fulfill requirements of NATO and European Union countries interested in the Chunmoo system. According to the provisions of the agreement, over 10,000 239 mm guided rockets are to be produced in Poland. PGZ will cooperate with Hanwha Aerospace in terms of ensuring production capacity in the selected location and meeting the schedule.

The technology transfer will also cover the K239 Chunmoo launcher system, it will be received by PGZ companies selected by the Group. The agreement also provides for cooperation to adapt the K239 Chunmoo launcher to fire with Polish 122 mm unguided rockets. Thanks to this, Chunmoo will be able to launch not only guided rockets with a range of 80 km and heavier tactical missiles with a range of 290 km, but also rockets that the Polish Army is already using, for example, in the Langusta system. This will increase flexibility, but also facilitate the training process.