PCO Delivers Thermal Vision Systems for the Twardy MBT

15 lutego 2018, 12:44

2nd Regional Logistics Base announced that there is an intention to sign a contract that would cover the acquisition of a thermal vision system upgrade package (ZMKT) for the PT-91 Twardy tanks. KLW-1 camera, which is the primary element of the whole bundle, is destined to be used in case of the Twardy platforms integrated with the SKO-1T DRAWA-T fire control system. The ZMKT kit would be utilized as the gunner’s sight.

Memorandum of understanding covering the issue was concluded on 8th February, by and between the PCO S.A. company and the 2nd Regional Logistics Base. Its value is said to exceed the gross amount of PLN 8 million. The agreement assumes that the Polish company would deliver eight ZMKT kits. The memorandum also covers optional procurement of another five packages, with a deadline set on 30th April 2018.

Delivery of the ZMKT upgrade kits, even in case when option is used, is expected to come to an end until October 2018. The whole procedure is taking place as a single-source procurement process, as only a single contractor is capable to deliver the required product. PCO S.A. is the sole owner of the rights to the package.

ZMKT is formed by a number of elements required to replace the currently used TES camera with a new KLW-1 device. A single ZMKT kit includes the following elements: KLW-1 ASTERIA thermal vision camera, KLW-1 camera adapter physically connecting the camera with the SKO Drawa-T gunner’s sight, WD-1 gunner’s display, MD-1 gunner’s monitor, MFM-2 multifunction display unit and a wiring package (KZ1-KZ3).

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