PGZ Provided Support for the Air Force One

Image Credit: PGZ Group
Image Credit: PGZ Group

Donald Trump’s presidential jet, during its stay at the Warsaw Chopin Airport, was being powered by the GPU-7/90 TAURUS system manufactured by a company belonging to the Polish Armaments Group.

The power supply unit in question has been manufactured by the Wojskowe Centralne Biuro Konstrukcyjno-Technologiczne S.A. [Central Military Technology-Design Bureau] entity, belonging to the PGZ Group. The company offers a variety of products, both on the military, as well as on the civil market. WCBKT is capable of delivering lighting devices, airfield air-dehumidifier and power supply units for the commercial users.

GPU-7/90 TAURUS is an aircraft-dedicated power supply unit. The GPU in question is required to start up the aircraft engines, and when the onboard systems are checked. GPU-7/90 TAURUS system has been used to provide power to the Air Force One, when the jet was staying at the Warsaw Okęcie airport.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. also got itself involved in organization of a Polish-American military picnic, taking place on 6th July in front of the PGE Narodowy stadium in Warsaw. The Group has prepared an exhibition of military equipment manufactured by the PGZ-gathered companies.

On the other hand, two days before the Trump’s visit, on 4th July 2017, Polish Armaments Group has recommended the US-based Lockheed Martin company as a partner for continuation of the talks regarding the implementation of the programme concerning the acquisition of the Homar rocket artillery system by the Polish Armed Forces. Hence, the Homar system is going to be founded on the HIMARS system solutions. PGZ acts as the leader of the consortium which implements the project in question.