Armed Forces

12 500 Soldiers out in the Polish Firing Ranges

  • Silnik RD-180. Fot. NPO Energomasz

The largest annual military exercise involving the Polish Armed Forces – Anakonda-14 – has just begun. The exercise involves 12 500 troops of all services, including 750 representatives of the allied forces, including soldiers from USA and the UK. Scenario assummes a defensive operation carried out for a NATO member state, involving preparation and deployment of Allied Forces. 

The Polish firing ranges - in Drawsko, Ustka, Orzysze and Nowa Dębia – will be a place where defensive operation protecting a fictious country – Vistula Land – will take place. Territory of the Vistula Land has become a target of aggression. The units that take part in Anakonda-14 exercise will try to stop the enemy at the border, using the external help of the allies sent to the attacked country.

The exercise involves units from Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Holland, Hungary, Lithuania, UK and USA. All in all – ca. 750 soldiers along with the equipment. The exercise will involve ca. 12 500 soldiers,  over 120 APCs, 15 tube and rocket artillery systems, 53 anti-aircraft artillery systems, 25 aircraft, 17 helicopters and 17 Navy vessels in total.

The operation also involves the uniformed services and state administration units – within the scope of support and logistic operations, which will back up the activities of the Armed Forces. The representatives of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces emphasise the fact that even though the scenario of Anakonda-14 exercise is imaginary, it is very similar to the current European reality.

Timeframe of the exercise extends from September 24 to October 3, and the cost is estimated to be at the level of PLN 62 million.