3 Thousand Pistols For The Polish Police

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    Satelita Iridium NEXT. Ilustracja: Iridium

Polish Police released information that it has selected the offer submitted by the Fabryka Broni Łucznik-Radom, regarding the procurement of 3 thousand semi-automatic pistols. The procurement cost is to reach PLN 4.5 million.

The information regarding the acquisition of semi-automatic pistols for the Police was published in late March. Offers placed by Fabryka Broni-Łucznik Radom [Łucznik-Radom Small Arms Factory] and Warsaw-based Kaliber company were assessed.

The proposal made by the Radom-based company was considered to be more beneficial, both within the scope of the price (weight of which constituted 80% of the assessment), as well as within thhe scope of the provided guarantee – this factor constituted 20% of the assessment. The Radomian facility offer price was shaped at the level of PLN 4.502 million, while the Kaliber company’s offer was valued at the level of PLN 5.535 million.  The Radom based company provides a guarantee period of 9 years regarding the pistols and the magazines, while the Warsaw Kaliber’s company offer provided 5 year-guarantee period.

The content of the procurement release indicated that the deliveries are to be finalized by 30th November 2015. The Radom facility is currently manufacturing the P-99 pistols that are being used by the uniformed services, including the Police.

The conditions of the above procurement procedure were discussed in detail by