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American Convoy Related To The “Fearless Guardian” Operation Has Reached Ukraine.

  • Wsparcie eksploatacji C-17 to nie tylko proste zabiegi, a także odbudowa maszyn uszkodzonych (jak egzemplarz na fotografii ciężko uszkodzony w Afganistanie) - fot. USAF

Paratroops from the support battalion of the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade have reached the Yavoriv firing range, near Lviv in Ukraine on 10th April.

The US soldiers have come to Ukraine from a US military base located in Vicenza, in the northern part of Italy. 50 paratroops in 25 vehicles have covered ca. 1850 kilometers, going through Austria, Germany and Poland. The transport operation alone was a logistics training exercise which involved refinement of the skills related to conducting deployment  with the use of tactical convoys. What is more, each of the countries listed above was a place where the operation was individually coordinated, together with the US diplomatic institutions within the respective territories.

The aim of arrival of the support battalion soldiers was to deliver the 173rd Brigade’s equipment which is to be involved in the “Fearless Guardian” operation. “Fearless Guardian” is a training programme carried out for the Ukrainian National Guard, approved by the Congress of the Global Contingency Security Fund. The aim of the operation is to train 3 Ukrainian soldiers in 6 months.

The convoy mainly involved logistical vehicles. According to the official press release of the US Army, the vehicles will provide logistical support for the soldiers, being used as a general-purpose transportation needed to reach the training locations. According to the plan, 290 US paratroops are going to come to Ukraine on 20th April.