American Stryker APC’s in Torun. Stopover on their Way to Lithuania.

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Almost a hundred soldiers of the US 2nd Cavalry Regiment, equipped with Stryker APCs, 155 mm M777 howitzers and a wide variety of other equipment visited the city of Torun on Saturday. The visit constitutes an element of the “Dragoon Shock” exercise, the aim of which is to quickly deploy artillery units to take part in an international live-fire training in Lithuania. US Artillery element will cover more than 1500 kilometers, during their journey from the Vilseck base, in Germany.  

The US soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry regiment have crossed the Polish border on 2nd February, and reached the city of Torun within 2 days. The plan assumes that these forces will stay in Torun (Thorn) until 13th February, and then they will continue their journey to Lithuania.
On Saturday, 6th February, the US soldiers presented their equipment to the citizens of Toruń and the tourists, within the area of the Old Square.

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Stryker IFV is one of the vehicles that was presented on Saturday. The vehicle presented in Torun was a command platform, equipped with an optronic system featuring a laser rangefinder.

Moreover, the presentation also involved the Humvee vehicles, counter-battery radar and the main armament used by the element - towed 155 mm M777 howitzer, capable of using conventional and guided ammunition.