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Anti-Tank Munitions For The Polish Leopard Tanks

  • Wizualizacja PW-Sat2 na orbicie. Autor: Marcin Świetlik;
    Wizualizacja PW-Sat2 na orbicie. Autor: Marcin Świetlik;

MESKO SA company presented its sabot anti-tank round during the MSPO 2015 event. The round is going to be used by the Leopard 2 tanks. The initial examples already have been delivered to the regular units.

APFSDS-T sabot rounds were developed in order to replace the German-made DM-33A1 munitions, which were introduced into the inventory of the Polish Army along with the first lot of the Leopard 2A4 main-battle tanks. The new ammunition is compatible both with the Leopard 2A4, as well as with the 2A5 variants of the tank.

The APFSDS-T ammunition manufactured by Mesko is used to destroy highly-protected targets, including the Main Battle Tanks, at distances of up to 2.5 kilometers. The rounds – according to the information released by the producer – feature a segmented, stress-resistant penetrator which is designed in a way, which allows it to maintain its integrity in the process of penetrating an inclined armoured plate.

The contract, the aim of which is to deliver a lot of 13 000 rounds for the Polish Leopard 2 tanks, was signed back in November 2014. The value of the deal was estimated as PLN 240 million. The deliveries have been already started. They are scheduled to be finalized until 2017.

MESKO SA also delivers high-explosive 120 mm munitions for the Leopard 2 tanks. This type of rounds has been a part of the arsenal since December 2012. According to the content of the order placed in September 2014, a batch of 14 thousand rounds is scheduled to be delivered until 2017. These rounds complement the sabot ammunition used by the tanks. Their purpose is to neutralize the enemy fortified targets and the infantry.

As the available information suggests, most of the 125 mm sabot rounds used in PT-91 and T-72M1 tanks of the Polish Army, are the old rounds based on the Soviet technological solutions.. The performance of the above-mentioned munitions is considered to be inferior, in comparison with the German made DM-33A1 rounds, acquired along with the first batch of the Leopard 2A4 tanks.

Thus, it seems that the Ministry of Defence shall consider the purchase of new 125 mm ammunition, expanding the combat capabilities of the elements using the PT-91 and T-72M1 tanks. 125 mm sabot rounds are offered by the MESKO S.A. company as well.