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F-22 In Poland. Impossible? “I cannot confirm, nor deny”

According to Głos Wielkopolski, the American F-22 Raptor fighters are going to land in Poland on Monday. The Raptors are going to be involved in a joint exercise with the Polish F-16 fighters. The US jets will be stationed at the Polish 32nd Air Base in Łask.

F-22 Raptor jets are considered to be the most modern fighter jets that have reached full operational capability. The F-22 is the sole 5th generation jet that has achieved this status, since the F-35B only has gained the initial operational capability. 183 F-22 fighter jets are currently in service, according to the information provided by the US Air Force. The Raptor has been designed as an air-superiority fighter, and its purpose is to operate in a battlefield environment which is full of the enemy’s countermeasures, such as advanced anti-aircraft systems or modern fighters.

F-22 may also be utilized in air-to-ground sorties or in order to execute the electronic warfare tasks. Using the on-board sensors (including the AESA radar) may constitute a great asset in raising the situational awareness of own and allied forces. F-22 jets have already been used in combat, during the air campaign against the ISIS forces, as a support measure for the Jordanian F-16 fighters. F-22 fighters are permanently stationed in the United States of America, however they have also been deployed in Japan, South Korea, or in the Middle East.

The Monday visit of the US fighters is a part of the US response to the Eastern-Europe NATO member states, who are concerned about the increased threat posed by Russia. The European tour of the Raptor jets was announced several weeks ago by the USAF Secretary, Deborah Lee James, who claimed that deployment of the F-22 fighters would constitute a part of the American means of assurance, regarding the security and stability of Europe. The F-22’s are going to come to Łask directly from Germany.

Spokesperson for the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces, Lt. Col. Artur Goławski, when asked about the Monday arrival of the US fighters only responded as follows: “I can neither confirm nor deny”.