Air Force

Polish F-16 Fighters Conduct Air Refueling Training

Polish Air Force’s F-16C/D fighters are involved in air-refuelling training, thanks to the presence of the Dutch KDC-10 tanker, operating from the Powidz AB.

The aerial refuelling training involves fighters from both the 31st, as well as from the 32nd Airbases (Łask and Krzesiny). The training is being conducted with involvement of a Dutch KDC-10 tanker which maintains its presence at the Powidz airbase – as the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces reports.

The aerial refuelling training is required to prolong the validity of the crews’ training within that scope. The regulations in force require such training to be conducted at least twice a year.

On Tuesday, 21st July, more than 20 Polish F-16 fighters were involved in the aerial refuelling operations. KDC-10 aircraft flew 2 sorties, carrying 100 tonnes of fuel for the jets. Refuelling operations were carried out at the altitude of 7000 meters (23000 feet).

Currently, the Polish Air Force has no tanker aircraft at its disposal. The Polish authorities decided to take part in the initiative, the aim of which is to jointly acquire tanker-transport A330 MRTT aircraft, together with the Netherlands and Norway. The programme is supervised by the OCCAR agency, supported by the European Defence Agency.