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Polish MiG-29 Crashed. Pilot Successfully Ejected

Polish Air Force MiG-29 - Image Credit: Paul Nelhams/flickr
Polish Air Force MiG-29 - Image Credit: Paul Nelhams/flickr

The media released information on Monday claiming that a MiG-29 jet crashed in the vicinity of the town of Stoczek, in Masovia. The pilot successfully ejected. The information pertaining to the crash has been confirmed by Major Guziel working at the 23rd Tactical Airbase in Minsk Mazowiecki.  

The information we have obtained from the spokesman at the Minsk Mazowiecki airbase suggests that the aircraft suffered from a failure at 1:17PM, during the fourth minute of its flight. 

The pilot ejected and was rescued by a helicopter. He has been transported to the military hospital in the Szaserów street in Warsaw. 

Lt. Col. Marek Pawlak, spokesman for the General Command, stated in an interview for TVN, that the pilot ejected in the vicinity of the town of Łochów. The jet crashed in undeveloped area. 

The Police in Węgrów confirmed the accident in the town of Drgicz. A patrol was sent there, to investigate - Sergeant Marta Lewandowska of the Police Station in Węgrów said. According to unofficial information, the jet has been completely destroyed. The firefighters are extinguishing the fire. 

“For now all that we know is that the jet crashed in the town of Drgicz. The Policemen went to that location. We are waiting for more information, investigation is in progress.” – Sergeant Marta Lewandowska of the Węgrów Police unit said.

Image: Ratownictwo Powiatu Węgrowskiego/Facebook


Accidents Involving the Polish MiG-29 Jets

Three other MiG-29 jets have been lost till today, one as a result of engine fire, and two as a result of crashes. 

On 11th June 2016 one of the Polish MiG-29 suffered from a fire, caused by a faulty GTDE-117 gas turbine engine-power unit, during a maintenance start-up. Despite immediate intervention of the fire service, key elements of the airframe have been damaged, rendering its unusable. 

On 18th December 2017 another Fulcrum crashed near Kałuszyn, on approach to the 23rd Tactical Air Base in Minsk Mazowiecki. The pilot survived the crash landing in the woods. 

Another Fulcrum crashed on 6th July 2018, belonging to the 22nd Tactical Airbase in Malbork - the crash took place in the vicinity of Pasłęk. The pilot ejected but did not survive.

On 15th February 2019 a Fulcrum made an emergency landing in Malbork, as a result of cockpit pressure loss during the flight.