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Swedish Military Jets Shot At. With The Russian Flares

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Russian Air Force’s military jets have fired flares towards the aircraft belonging to the Swedish Air Force – as the Associated Press outlet reports.

AP informed that last week the Russian Air Force’s jet ejected flares towards the aircraft belonging to the Swedish Air Force (probably the Gripen fighters). Information was released by the Chief Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, general Sverker Göranson.

The information pertaining the above-mentioned incident fits well within the series of aggressive actions undertaken by the Russian Air Force in the Baltic area, including the airspace located close to the Swedish Border. Earlier on, the Swedish airspace was violated by the Russian bombers near Gotland. Russian Air Force’s fighter jets also flew very close to the aircraft belonging to the NATO member states or to the Swedish Air Force.

In a response to the aggressive stance taken by the Russian, the Swedes decided to raise the combat readiness of their fighters. Two JAS-39 Gripen fighters. Stockholm is additionally going to increase the defence spending, which would have a direct impact on the air force’s deployment capabilities.

Sweden is also willing to increase the number of Strv 122 tanks that are in the active service. Additional motorized battalion is to be formed soon. A proper memorandum was described by us, and it was adopted in mid-June by the Swedish parliament.