Israeli Self-Protection Suite for the Polish VIP Transport Aircraft

Image Credit: kpt. Krzysztof Płatek, Mirosław Cyryl Wójtowicz
Image Credit: kpt. Krzysztof Płatek, Mirosław Cyryl Wójtowicz

Polish Ministry of Defence decided on acquiring the MUSIC system, manufactured by the Israeli Elbit Systems company. The aforesaid solution would make it possible to protect the government’s Boeing 737NG fleet from the threat posed by MANPADS.

However, so far it has not been disclosed as to how many systems were acquired and what the value of the contract was. MUSIC is going to be installed on the Boeing 737NG aircraft destined to transport the Polish VIPs. 

J-MUSIC is a solution developed by Elbit Systems, with protection of transport and passenger aircraft in mind. The system offers protection from IR-guided anti-aircraft missiles, MANPADS-class systems in particular. This type of anti aircraft weaponry is being broadly employed by terrorist organizations.

The system makes use of a laser beam for the purpose of disturbing the seeker of an anti-aircraft missile. The system has also been equipped with a missile warning component and a thermal-vision camera destined for precise tracking.

MUSIC has already been installed on the Italian C-27J, C-130J and AW-101 platforms, Brazilian KC-390 airlifters or on the French government’s Airbus A330-200. In the future the solution is to be integrated on the A330 MRTT aircraft acquired as a part of the multinational NATO initiative.