M-346 Bielik Simulators Received in Dęblin

Image Credit: ELBIT
Image Credit: ELBIT

FMS and FTD simulator systems for the M-346 Bielik aircraft have been delivered to Dęblin, by the Israeli Elbit Systems company. The equipment was handed off for use at the Polish 41st Training Aviation Base, located in Dęblin.

41st Training Aviation Base has just received FMS (Full Mission Simulators) and FTD (Flight Training Devices) systems delivered, in collaboration with Leonardo, on the basis of an agreement signed in the early 2014.

As stressed by the Israeli, the system has been fitted with a set of 360-degrees peripheral vision displays that replicate the experience of flying air-to-air and air-to-ground sorties with a high degree of fidelity. According to the representatives of the Elbit company, the simulators make it possible for the pilot to feel as if he was actually flying the aircraft, without imposing any limitations on him, when it comes to flight safety. Furthermore, the pilots trained with the use of this equipment will acquire a number of skills, ranging from the basic cockpit orientation, with operational flying in a variety of complex environments to finish with.

It is worth to note that M-346 Master jets, known in Poland under the local name “Bielik”, constitute one of the elements of the ITS (Integrated Training System) solution that includes, alongside the aircraft, the GBTS (Ground Based Training System) suite. Real time simulation (LVC, Live-Virtual-Constructive) constitutes a core of the ITS, making it possible to correlate the simulator and the jet staying in the air and conducting a mission. This translates into an ability to conduct joint training between the persons flying the simulators on the ground and the aircraft actually staying in the air.

M-346 has been fitted with the ETTS (Embedded Tactical Training System) which simulates tactical training and replicates the operation of sensors, systems and weapons used by the existing combat aircraft. The aforesaid solutions also make it possible to create tactical scenarios, simulate airborne, maritime and land-based units (friends or foes), through a real time interaction with the trainer aircraft. The jet that is airborne may be coupled with a number of GBTSs designed for Masters.

The Israelis assure that the delivered solution may be, in the future, implemented as a part of the Polish Air Force’s simulation network. This, in turn, will make it possible to fuse the equipment dedicated for the M-346 pilots with the tactical flight simulation system used by the F-16 crews. All of the above would enable the pilots to carry out simulated sorties jointly.

Let us recall the fact that the MoD is currently carrying out a market analysis, concerning the acquisition of a “tactical flight simulation simulator system for the F-16C/D Block 52+ aircraft”. The Armament Inspectorate notes that the system offered shall be manufactured now (it should not be in development or at a design stage). However, procurement of an F-16 simulator is in its early stage. The requirements may be a subject to potential changes soon.

The first Bielik aircraft arrived in Poland back in 2016. Nonetheless, the handing off procedure did not begin until 2017. Delivery of these aircraft is a result of an Agreement signed back in 2014, with the Italian Alenia Aermacchi company. The contract value has been defined as 1.432 billion zlotys (gross). The agreement includes eight M-346 Master jets, along with a training and logistics package. Back in March this year, agreement has been signed with regards to another four M-346 Bielik advanced jet trainers. The Agreement, with a net value exceeding 1 billion zlotys, also includes a logistics support package, enhancement of the simulators functionality and optional procurement of another 4 aircraft. The aircraft are expected to land in Poland with hardpoints tailored to host the SUU-20 training pods.