Poland Seeking Maintenance Staff Training Providers for its G550s

Image: Rafał Lesiecki / Defence24.pl
Image: Rafał Lesiecki / Defence24.pl

1st Airlift Base announced that it has launched a competitive procedure aimed at selecting the contractor who would train the Gulfstream G550 maintainers. The base operates these aircraft for VIP transport purposes.

The documentation prepared by the base states that the goal of the procedure is to train the Gulfstream G550 maintainers at the 1st Airlift Base in 2021. Further processes would be launched in 2022, a relevant announcement is expected to be published between April and May 2022.

The training mentioned here has been divided into two parts:

Part one envisages engine start procedures and taxing; it is to involve up to 6 participants. Theoretical and practical sections of training have been planned. The theoretical portion of training would discuss the safety measures, walkaround procedures, emergency procedures, usability limits, and engine inspection matters. Meanwhile, the practical training would involve emergency procedures training on the G550 FFS simulator. The 3-days long training would have a net value of PLN 255,856.86.

The second portion of the training would cover the basics of G550 operations. It would involve a smaller group, of four participants. The participants would get acquainted with the documentation of the aircraft during the theoretical portion of the training. The training within that scope is to last 20 days. The net value here has been defined as PLN 713,984.04.
The training shall take place between 1st August and 31st October this year. The estimated value of the order has been defined as PLN 969,840.90 (VAT excluded).

The offer submission deadline has been set for 26th July, at 10 AM. They would be opened 15 minutes after the deadline expires. Price (weight of 60%), and experience (weight of 40%) are defined as the offer selection criteria. Those who have carried out 15 or more training sessions within that scope would get the highest scores.

1st Airlift Base operates two G550s in a VIP transport role. The first aircraft of the type was introduced into service in June 2017.