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Ammunition Supply for the US Forces in Europe. Largest Shipment In Years.

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The US Army’s logistic units have delivered the largest ammunition supply to the Miesau storage facility since 10 years. The ammunition is dedicated to be used by the US forces stationed in Europe.The said shipment was delivered in 415 ship containers.Its weight exceeds 5000 tonnes.

The US Army units working within the field of logistics, dealing with the supply operations for the armed forces, have delivered the largest ammunition shipment to Europe since a decade. The total mass of the delivered supplies exceeded 5000 tonnes. The ammunition was transported in 415 ship containers. Mieseau ammunition storage facility in Germany is the final destination for the shipment. The stock is going to be used during the Atlantic Resolve or Anakonda 2016 operations.

According to Col. Matthew Redding, chief of staff of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command which is responsible for supervision of the shipment, maintaining a high level of ammunition supplies has a critical value for the NATO operations that are being undertaken in Europe. Col. Redding said that the shipment, with its critical value, will be useful within the scope of maintaining the NATO readiness, while the fact that the supply is the largest delivery that has been realized throughout the last decade is a clear confirmation of the fact that the United States of America is willing to keep promises regarding the commitments made for the allies.

Part of the ammunition that almost reached its expiration date will be withdrawn – this also constitutes a segment of the operation, related to deliveries of the new batch of rounds. Its total value exceeded USD 177 million. The ammunition that is going to be withdrawn from Europe will be transported back to the US units which will utilize it throughout the upcoming months.