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Award for the “RUBIN” Thermal Vision Scope

  • Polski czołg Leopard 2A5 i hiszpański pojazd opancerzony w czasie ćwiczeń Briliant Jump. Fot. chor. Rafał Mniedło

During the Nauka – Przemysł – Obronność [Science – Industry – Defence] Conference, PCO S.A. and Military University of Technology received the 2nd degree award for the best scientific study and implementation of the study in the field of defence, for its project which resulted in development of the “RUBIN” thermal vision scope.

The contest, in case of which, on 26th May 2015, the aforementioned ceremony took place, is being organized by the Polish Ministry of Defence. The aim of the initiative is to promote good practices and effective implementation of the research and development works, within the field of defence.

SCT “RUBIN” thermal vision sight is used to carry out observation and lay down fire, with the use of small arms. Thanks to the sight, detection and identification of the targets is possible regardless of the lighting and weather conditions present. Additionally, “RUBIN” features an external helmet mounted display which provides a large degree of freedom for the shooter. This makes it possible to shoot targets hiding ‘behind the corner’. What is more, SCT “Rubin” scope features an energy-saving function.

The awarded product is being used by the Polish Army. Besides the above-mentioned award, Rubin also received the European Medal, as a unique product which meets the European standards. What is more, the sight also received the prestigious DEFENDER award.

The sight is being manufactured by the PCO S.A. company, one of the leading Polish manufacturers of optics, sights and observation devices that utilize laser, night- and thermal-vision technologies, all of which are designed for the military, as well as for the uniformed services. The range of products that are being offered by the company includes both the soldier’s individual equipment, as well as the devices mounted on the combat vehicles. The manufacturer is also carrying out independent research and development and implementation works. PCO S.A. is a part of the PGZ [Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa - Polish Armament Group].