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British Challengers will Participate in Black Eagle Exercise In Poland

In November, the Army’s Training Facility in Żagań and training ranges in Świętoszów will be a place where a joint exercise of British Soldiers and Polish 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, which is stationed in Świętoszów will take place – as cpt. Justyna Balik, who is the spokesperson for the 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade, informs.

During the exercise, which is to last for almost a month, the British soldiers will realize tasks within the scope of fire training and tactical training. Joint training exercise with the Polish soldiers will be organised as well, it will include staff and tactical training, aim of which is to integrate the British forces with the Polish 10th Brigade. The event will end with a joint tactical exercise which is to involve both the British, as well as the Polish soldiers – cpt. Balik informs.

The British soldiers have already started the process of deploying their forces and equipment to Poland in mid-October. According to the information released by the 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade the British have used air- and train-transport along with organized system of wheeled transportation, which is to help the British forces in the logistic operations which are to fulfill an objective of transferring the soldiers to a temporary camp located within the Żagań Training Range area. In total ca. 1100 soldiers and over 300 vehicles, including 100 armoured vehicles – Challenger 2 tanks and Warrior APCs, will be transferred to Poland, and the British soldiers will stay in here until mid-December 2014.

The Polish forces involved will include ca. 1000 soldiers, mainly from the Świętoszów 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade which is a part of “Black Division”, including soldiers from the 1st Tank Batallion, who are being trained to use the Leopard 2A4 tanks. The training exereccise will also be complemented by the soldiers from 6th Airborne Brigade and 25th Air Cavalry Brigade.