Armed Forces

Bundeswehr’s Quick Reaction Forces Arrive In Poland. NATO “Spearhead” Is Being Deployed

A transport of the elements from the Bundeswehr’s 371st Armoured Grenadiers Battalion  (mechanized infantry), deployed in order to take part in the NATO “Noble Jump” exercise, arrived in Poland. 

Another operational transport, realized via railway, reached the city of Żagań. That transport carried the soldiers who are a part of so called NATO “Spearhead”. On Thursday, 11th June, soldiers and equipment of the 371st Armoured Grenadiers Battalion, coming from Marienberg (Germany), arrived in Poland – according to the NATO Media Operation Center.

The German soldiers are equipped with the Marder-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, along with the Fuchs and Boxer APC’s. Elements of the 1st and the 2nd Company of the 371st Battalion reached Poland, bringing ca. 100 vehicles along. The troops were deployed to Poland directly after the international Falken Viking exercise which took place in Bergen, Germany.

As we know, the Bundeswehr’s elements are also involved in the Saber Strike 2015 exercise which is being conducted within the Drawsko Pomorskie firing range. According to the plans, deployment of some elements of the quick reaction forces for the Noble Jump exercise is going to be completed on 13th June. According to the NATO Media Operation’s Center, the operations are being carried out within a strict time regime.

On the other hand, another field training operation, realized within the scope of the Noble Jump exercise, is scheduled to start from 15th June within the Świętoszów and Żagań firing ranges. The latter operation is going to involve ca. 2100 soldiers, including troops coming from Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Norway and the US. Besides deployment of the proper forces (including the Leopard 2A4 tanks and special forces) Poland also acts as the host country, which means that a wide variety of logistics-related operations is scheduled, within the scope of the planned exercises.