Armed Forces

Data Transmission Systems For The Polish Armed Forces. Also To Be Used By The Special Operations Component


The Armament Inspectorate published information stating that it is willing to carry out two technological dialogues regarding the LINK data exchange and distribution systems.

The technical dialogues carried out are to make it possible to acquire the information required to prepare a description for the subject of the order, in order to define the possibilities within the following scope:

  1. Acquisition of the LINK networks monitoring and management system;

  2. Integration of the base systems utilized by the Special Forces in a way which would make it possible to transfer the messages inn the Link 11, Link 11B, Link 16, Link 22 and VMF systems. This would include procurement of the relevant interfaces and integrators.

The aim of the first procedure is to provide “...full capability of monitoring and managing the LINK networks in the Polish Armed Forces”. The LINK networks management and monitoring system is to be used “...within the scope of planning the use of the Link 11 and Link 16 systems, including the scope of development and generating the OPTASK LINK orders, dynamic Link 16 network management within the scope of assignment of the time-gaps, through allocation of the network resources realized during operation of the Link 16 systems happening during exercises and military operations and within the scope of monitoring the Link 11 and 16 networks.” The system is also to make it possible to process confidential information, up to the level of the NATO SECRET clause.

The aim of the procedure is to “...specify the equipment to be procured, which would make it possible to implement the LINK system in the Special Forces”. The system utilized by the Special Forces, that makes it possible to transfer the information in the LINK networks, is to be based on the “... CSI (CRC System Interface) software and TEMPEST-class hardware”. The Contractor will be tasked with delivery of the hardware and software, installation of the CSI system and integration of the system with the remaining LINK systems (11, 11B, 16, 22 and VMF).

Both dialogues are to be carried out in September 2015. Submissions and proposals will be accepted until 21st July 2015.