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“Dragon-15” Exercise In Orzysz. Supported by the US, UK and Canadian Forces.

  • Michael Hayden / Fot. Gage Skidmore / wikipedia
    Michael Hayden / Fot. Gage Skidmore / wikipedia
  • Fot. Tennessee Valley Authority/ Flickr
    Fot. Tennessee Valley Authority/ Flickr

Dragon-15, the largest exercise planned by the Polish Army this year, is going to take place in October. The exercise, organized within the Orzysz training range, is going to involve almost 7 thousand soldiers, including the allies coming from the United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada.  

The main unit taking part in the Dragon exercise, on behalf of the Polish forces, is the Żagań-based 11th Lubuska Armoured Cavalry Division. The deployment of the equipment, including the Rosomak IFV’s, along with the Leopard 2A5 tanks, has already begun. The exercise is going to involve, among other units, the elements of the 17th Wielkopolska Mechanized Brigade and of the 34th Armoured Cavalry Brigade. The most important part of the exercise is scheduled to happen between 12th and 23rd October, within the Orzysz training range.

The soldiers of the famous “Black” division are going to be supported by the elements of the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade and by a Multinational Combat Group, involving troops hailing from the US, UK, Germany and Canada. More than 700 NATO soldiers are going to be involved in the exercise. According to the information released by the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces at the planning conference, the NATO component is going to include mechanized units, e.g. a Bundeswehr Mechanized Company equipped with the Marder IFVs and Leopard 2 tanks, or a British element which is going to arrive equipped with the Challenger tanks and the Warrior IFVs, along with the commanding elements.

The deployment of soldiers and equipment of the Polish 11 Lubuska Division, towards the Orzysz range, is being realized both via road routes, as well as via railways. The general command stresses the fact that during this year’s edition of the exercise, particular emphasis was placed on verification of the deployment capabilities, should a crisis situation arise.

The mobilization system is going to be verified and tested at the selected military units, also by calling the reserve soldiers for duty. The division’s logistics group is also going to be tested. The inventory is going to be taken out of the storages, while the way in which own forces and the allied component is going to be transported via roads or railways, or airlifted, is going to be scrutinized.

Representatives of the air defence and artillery units, as well as the UAV operators, together with the members of the units dealing with the ABC weaponry protection, command units, communications elements or the bomb disposal elements - the above-listed personnel is also involved in the operation. The “Dragon” exercise - which is the largest exercise carried out by the Polish Army this year - is going to involve several hundred of the representatives of the Polish National Reserve Forces.

The scenario assumes that two alliances are in a conflict, over the natural resource deposits. Defensive operation covering the territory of the state is going to be carried out, with a subsequent counterattack. Presence of the multinational combat group constitutes an element of reinforcement of the NATO Eastern Flank, in line with the provisions and arrangements, made during the summit in Newport.