Armed Forces

French Tanks To Be Deployed To Poland

French Armed Forces are going to deploy a reinforced armoured company equipped with the Leclerc tanks and VAB and VBCI armoured personnel carriers, within the period between 20th and 28th April.

A French element, consisting of ca. 300 troops, is to take part in exercises in Poland throughout a period of 7 weeks. The French Ministry of Defence stresses the fact that the aforementioned deployment constitutes a response to a Polish invitation, made in the light of the Ukrainian crisis.

The French are going to be involved, among other operations, in the Puma-15 exercise taking part in Drawsko Pomorskie between 11th and 29th May 2015. The training is to be executed by the Giżycko-based 15th Mechanized Brigade. The Puma-15 exercise is also going to involve some elements of the US Army.

The deployed French forces come from the 12th Regiment, acting under jurisdiction of the 2nd Armoured Brigade, and they are going to be supported by some infantry and engineering units. The element is equipped with 15 Leclerc tanks, 4 VBCI and 3 VAB armoured personnel carriers and AMX-30 EBG engineering vehicle.