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Drivers Of The Polish Rosomak IFV Will Get A Simulator

  • Fot. Konfederacja Lewiatan
    Fot. Konfederacja Lewiatan
  • Moment separacji rakiet wspomagających SLS, ilustracja: NASA/MSFC
    Moment separacji rakiet wspomagających SLS, ilustracja: NASA/MSFC

ROSOMAK S.A. company is going to provide the Polish Armed Forces with 9 “Jaskier” driving simulators of the Rosomak armoured vehicles.

Jaskier systems are going to be delivered to the selected units of the Polish Army and to the training centres. The order is going to be realized between 2015 and 2017. The contract with the Armament Inspectorate was concluded on 31st July this year - it is going to be executed together with Rosomak S.A. and Autocomp Management sp. z o.o. companies.

According to the release published in the Official Journal of the European Union, value of the deal is contained in an amount of PLN 22 million. The specification suggests that the simulator is going to include a moving platform, consisting of an equipped cabin - same as the one in the Rosomak APC, along with an IT system, visualization suite, independent station for the instructor, recording and power-supply devices. What is more, the agreement also covers the logistics package, including training for 20 instructors/operators.

Jaskier system is mounted on a special platform which imitates the real movement of the Rosomak vehicle. Complex simulator for the drivers makes it possible to train the operations in a variety of climatic zones, weather and terrain conditions. The platform also can replicate the conditions related to operations of going through the water obstacles, using the vehicle’s amphibious capabilities. What is more, an assessment system is also fitted to the device. The simulator additionally makes it possible to train and test the driver within the scope of the knowledge of the devices controlled from the driver’s seat. During the MSPO 2012 Kielce event, the product was awarded with the Defender distinction.