Land Forces

DSEI 2015: Jankel RRV - Reincarnation Of The Fox Vehicle

  • Fot. Sgt. Kimberly Hackbarth, 4th SBCT, 2nd Inf. Div. Public Affairs Office, US Army

Jankel company, during the London DSEI event, presented its latest RRV design (Rapid Reaction Vehicle). It is yet another element of a series of the tactical Fox vehicles, manufactured by the British manufacturer.

According to the representatives of the Jankel company, the most important feature characterizing the newly developed vehicle stems from its modular layout, since it makes it possible to customize the design to even the most strict requirements, pursued by the potential end-user. The new vehicle was designed in a way which made it possible to enhance the load capacity and the driving characteristics.

The structure enables the user to quickly change the vehicle’s configuration, e.g. by adding new places for the crew or standardized cargo pallets, or by adding a set of stretchers, which are required in order to carry out the MEDEVAC tasks. RRV is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle which - so far - has a good reputation within the civilian market. The platform is fitted with a 4x4 drivetrain.

The company assumes that two types of the engine may be utilized in case of its vehicle - a petrol driven V6 and a turbocharger diesel V8 engines. Both of them may be coupled with automatic or manual gearboxes. The example showcased during this year’s DSEI event was fitted with a mounting point for a 7.62 mm machine gun. However, the armament may be easily tailored to the mission profiles and preferences of the specific end-user. Jankel announced that - in case of the RRV - the vehicle is characterized with a higher degree of mobility and efficiency.

The potential buyer is going to - according to the assumption - acquire a vehicle which offers a long operational range, along with capacity of transporting cargo and personnel. RRV may also be airlifted. The new vehicle is capable of carrying out operations in very tough environments, with the use of fuel which has worse quality or which is polluted - thanks to a special filter system, no risk of potential engine damage occurs. Optionally, there is a possibility to install armour plates which are going to protect the vehicle from explosions and small arms fire.