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DSEI 2015: Revision Military Presents Its Batlskin Cobra+ Head Protection System

  • Ilustracja: Defence24

During the London DSEI 2015 exhibition, Revision Military has presented its Batlskin Cobra+ head protection system, constituting a basis for the modular mount of the Cobra MPAS modular protection kit. In 2016, Revision Military is going to begin the delivery process pertaining the system based on the Batlskin Cobra+ helmet which is being developed within the framework of the Virtus programme.  

The whole Cobra MPAS head protection system, taking into account the medium size, weighs only 1050 g. The helmet is advertised as the lightest head protection gear available on the market. Cobra MPAS, along with the Batlskin Cobra+ head protection system, has been prepared in a way which significantly enhances the comfort of use for the soldiers, maintaining the high level of head protection.

The manufacturer claims that Cobra MPAS system is capable of being fitted with most of the most popular communications systems. Numerous night-vision or targeting systems may be used with the Cobra MPAS helmet - in that way it may be integrated with a variety of weapons suites. Thanks to the proper structure of the helmet, Cobra MPAS provides the user with ballistic protection, in line with the STANAG 2920 norm. This has been achieved, inter alia, thanks to the hybrid layered structure, realized with the use of the peculiar material, referred to as UHMWPE. The helmet has been covered with an overlay compliant with the CARC standard, however other camouflage layers and layouts may also be used.

The system includes, among other devices, side mounting rails for cameras, flashlights and other devices. The rails are rotatable, thus it is possible to adjust the position of the accessories mounted on the helmet, according to the needs of the individual users. Visior is also available with the kit, and it may be used in three positions: up when not in use, vented for cooling, and locked in the down position to protect against movement during blast and ballistic impact. It is resistant to scratches and chemical factors as well.

The helmet also features a special mandible guard which - even though its weight is limited - protects the lower part of the jaw from the possible injury. At the same time, the guard may be quickly removed, without using any tools, also on the move.

The helmet is fitted with solutions that make it possible to reduce the head pressure, during the long periods of use. Sweat humidity is also properly contained. The neck rest is also adjustable, which enhances the observation stability when using the night-vision devices. Revision Military assures that when Batlskin Cobra+ helmet was designed, an unique 4 point integrated harness that is easily adjustable with one hand using the dial ratchet mechanism.