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Operation “Reassurance” - Canadian Troops Training In Poland

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90 Canadian soldiers are going to be involved in exercises taking place within the territory of Poland. The Canadians will be a part of the “Reassurance” operation, the aim of which is to support the NATO’s Eastern Flank in its struggle against the “Putin’s regime aggression in Mid-Eastern Europe”.

The Canadians who are going to conduct training in Poland are a part of the 5th Mechanized Brigade Group of the 2nd Division, which is normally stationed in Valcartier, Quebec. The group which is currently present in Poland is going to be replaced by another one next month, consisting of ca. 200 soldiers, coming from the 2nd Mechanized Brigade Group of the 4th Division.

The soldiers were briefed by the Canadian Minister of Defence, Jason Kenney, who stated that the NATO exercises, including the “Reassurance” operation, are to show that Canada and its partners are standing hand in hand with their Eastern European allies, standing together, against the aggression or threats from Russia.

The deployed troops are going to be involved in a series of field exercises, the aim of which is to confirm their readiness for cooperation with the NATO troops, or with the armed forces of the NATO partners. The Canadian troops have been present, on a rotational basis in mid-Eastern Europe since may 2014.