Land Forces

Polish Army Acquires Poprad Anti-Aircraft Systems

The Armament Inspectorate invited the PIT-RADWAR company to take part in the negotiations  regarding the acquisition of the Poprad very short range anti-aircraft systems – as it was stated by the spokesman for the Polish Ministry of Defence, col. Jacek Sońta.

The relevant agreement is going to be signed this year. According to the technical modernization plan, 77 Poprad systems are planned to be acquired – as col. Sońta states. The test lot included two systems of this type.

The invitation refers to the negotiations that are related to a closed procurement procedure. Poprad system features four Grom very short range surface-to-air missiles (Piorun prospectively), featuring electro-optical system for detection and tracking of the aerial targets. 

The system is placed on a 4x4 Żubr-P chassis developed by the AMZ Kutno company. Poprad is capable of acting against aerial targets in any weather conditions, at night and during the day, at distances of up to 5.5 and altitude up to 3.5 kilometres, and it is tailored to be used as an element of the integrated air-defence system. Poprad suite also uses its own IFF device.