Polish Police Purchases 4.2 Million Rounds Of Ammunition

Polish Police finalized the procedure, the aim of which was to acquire 9x19 mm Parabellum and 9x18 mm Makarov pistol ammunition. The acquisition, which is a result of the prior tender, is going to cover purchases of more than 4.2 million rounds, for an amount of PLN 3.5 million.

The procurement has been divided into three batches. The first one is related to acquisition of 4.079 million 9 mm Parabellum rounds in a brass casing, with TFMJ (full metal jacket) bullets. The Ordering Party expected at least 24-months of guarantee period, while the kinetic energy of the bullet was to be contained within the range between 510 and 650 joules, in case of a 150 mm barrel.

Police selected the offer submitted by the Cenrex Sp. z o. o. company, with a price tag of 3.345 million zlotys. Offer submitted by the Cenzin company, with a cost of PLN 3.590 million, was also being considered. According to the information received from Hubert Marciniak, Deputy Commercial Director of the Cenrex Company, the Polish Police acquired 9x19 FMC 115 gr rounds, featuring a Zero Pollution primer. The ammunition has been manufactured by the Italian Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A. company. Police utilizes the 9 mm rounds in the Glauberyt, UMP and MP-5 machine pistols and in the semi-automatic Walther P-99 and Glock handguns. 

The Polish Police also acquired 102.25 thousand 9x18 mm Makarov rounds which may be used in case of the older guns, such as P-64 or P-83. The ammunition is being provided by the Cenzin sp. z o.o. company, and it costs 89.98 thousand zlotys. The Ordering Party required the company to provide a 24-month-long guarantee period. According to the terms of reference, the bullet was to be contained in a brass or bi-metal casing, its mass was to be ranging from 5.85 to 6.15 g.

The third part of the tender was related to acquisition of training (paint-based) ammunition which would be suitable to be used with the Glock FX pistols and with properly modified Glauberyt and MP-5A3 machine pistols. The required bullet mass was 0.5 g (+/- 0.02 g), and the manufacturer was to provide a guarantee period of 24 months. Offer submitted by the Cenzin company was selected, with a price-tag of PLN 67.2 thousands. The procurement is going to provide the Police with 27,300 training rounds.

The submitted offers were assessed within the scope of price (weight of 90%) and delivery deadline (weight of 10%), the procedure was realized as an open procurement.