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NATO “Spearhead” Will Be Stationed In Poland Soon

The first exercise, aim of which is to consolidate the training of deployment procedures related to the NATO Quick Reaction Forces, also known as the “Spearhead”, is going to take place in Poland. Among other locations, the event would be organized within the area of the Żagań firing range – according to the Polish Press Agency.

Polish Press Agency claims that training of the temporary QRF units is to take place in June. The reports comply with the information revealed by the German Ministry of Defence, regarding the planned exercise related to deployment of the 371st Mechanized Battalion stationed in Marienberg.

The Germans noted that the first training exercise regarding the reaction capabilities for some of the “spearhead’s” elements is planned to happen in April. The exercise which would include deployment of the forces is scheduled to be organized in June, as the Polish Press Agency claims. The temporary NATO QRF units also include, among other elements, the Norwegian Telemark Battalion along with Dutch units. Poland has declared that it would deploy a battalion of Leopard 2 tanks, which would act under jurisdiction of the 11th Lubuska Armoured Cavalry Division stationed in Żagań.

It shall also be noted that in June Saber Strike exercise is planned to happen within the Drawsko Pomorske firing range. This exercise will involve the Polish Forces, along with the soldiers coming from the United States, Germany, UK and France. Simultaneously, a multinational Baltops exercise is planned to happen in the Baltic Sea.

NATO has decided to create temporary Very High Readiness Joint Task Force for 2015. This task force is acting as a temporary measure, until the target “Spearhead” unit is formed. The latter one is to achieve its initial combat readiness by 2016, and it is going to be fully combat ready in 2017.

The “Spearhead” will involve brigade-sized land units, supported by naval, air and special forces. It is expected that the rotational period of readiness of the reformed NATO Response Force is to last for 3 years, whereas, throughout the second year of that period, the multinational brigade will act as a VJTF unit, with the highest level of readiness.