Four Potential Bidders Competing for the Miecznik Frigates Command System

Image: Maciej Szopa/Defence24
Image: Maciej Szopa/Defence24

The PGZ-Miecznik consortium has shortened the list of bidders that compete in the programme aimed at selecting the ship’s combat management system. The bids approved come from Sweden, France, Italy, and Spain.

According to a release issued by the PGZ Group, the following companies were approved to take part in the further stage of the procurement: Thales, Navantia, Leonardo, and Saab.

We are consistent in proceeding with the implementation of the MIECZNIK programme. We have placed our bets on businesses that offer solutions responding to the requirements that have been defined for the new Frigates of the Polish Navy. We continue talking with the remaining suppliers that have been involved in the dialogue so far, covering the Integrated Combat System. We also continue talks within the scope of delivery of different armament subsystems, such as sensors and effectors.

Sebastian Chwałek, President of the Management Board at PGZ S.A.

The objective of the Miecznik programme is to procure three modern frigates for the Polish Navy. Multi-role vessels as such would provide the Navy with operational capabilities to accomplish maritime missions, thus securing the naval routes and providing military security and deterrence potential. The warships would also be a major boost for the Polish position in the international arena.

The ship's combat system is one of the most important elements of the programme as a whole. The selection of the right supplier may also influence the sensors/weapons configuration, even though the manufacturers usually claim that the solutions they offer are universal.

Miecznik is an R&D project led by the PGZ Group. The relevant agreement concerning the undertaking has been signed in July this year. Three frigate design proposals submitted by foreign partners are being considered (Babcock AH140PL, Navantia F100PL, and TKMS MEKO 300PL). Another key component is the ship's combat system mentioned in the release issued by PGZ, described in the present news piece. The final selection of the Miecznik design is scheduled to happen in February 2022 (according to information released by PGZ during MSPO 2021). A month later, the tactical-technical assumptions are to be approved.

The first vessel would be commissioned by 2028 (after relevant training and trials are conducted). Another two are scheduled to enter service by 2033 and 2034. The new frigates would be capable of neutralizing a broad spectrum of air, naval, and submerged threats. They are to replace the legacy US-made Oliver Hazard Perry-class vessels operated by the Polish Navy.