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Paris Air Show 2015: MBDA As The Main Contractor In The MEADS Programme

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During the Paris Air Show 2015, representatives of the MBDA company stated that the European manufacturer is going to become the main contractor in the MEADS air and missile defence system programme. This system is going to be utilized by the German Armed Forces.

During the air show it was revealed that the MBDA company is going to become the main contractor within the MEADS programme. MEADS system was developed together by the industries of the US, Germany and Italy. The fact that MBDA is going to be the leader of the project is connected with the decision of the German authorities, who want to replace the Patriot system with the new MEADS system. 

Not only is the MEADS system going to be introduced into service in the Bundeswehr, it also is going to be acquired by a variety of other users. As we have reported it earlier, the components of the Medium Extended Air Defence System, including the MCFR fire control radar and the mobile launcher, are all taken into account in the analysis of the alternative options available within the scope of the process, the aim of which would be to modernize the Patriot systems utilized by the US Army. The discussed process is to be finished this year and the contract, the aim of which would be to regulate execution of the works, may be signed in 2018.

On the other hand, in the light of the decision pertaining acquisition of the MEADS system by the Germans, Reuters released information that the Netherlands (closely cooperating with the Bundeswehr) and Italy (with whom the development works regarding the MEADS system were carried out) may also decide to acquire the new missiles. The final decisions regarding the division of work and future realization of the MEADS programme, after the system was selected by the Berlin authorities, have not been made yet.