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Piorun MANPADS and New Spike ATGM delivered to the Polish Army

Photo: M. Dura/
Photo: M. Dura/

Mesko company has delivered the first batch of new generation Piorun MANPADS launchers to the Polish military. The Polish Armed Forces have also received the first Spike-LR ATGMs belonging to the batch ordered back in 2015.

Mesko told us that back in 2018 the Polish military received the first batch of the Piorun  MANPADS systems (launchers and missiles). The delivery took place in late December last year, following a positive accomplishment of hand off test process. Further Piorun systems are scheduled to be delivered this year.

Let us recall the fact that Piorun missiles procurement agreement was signed in December 2016, and it covered delivery of 420 launchers and 1300 missiles by 2022. The missiles are destined both for the operational units of the military, as well as for the Territorial Defence component. The missile may be launched both via the means of portable launchers, as well as from the Poprad system, recently delivered to the military. Piorun may also be used with the Pilica or Biała and Jodek-G systems (in case of the latter platforms, minor modifications could be required).

Piorun is a new generation anti-aircraft missile derived from the Grom system, commonly utilized by the Polish military. The “Grom” system has been exported to Lithuania, Indonesia, Georgia, United States of America or Japan. When compared to its predecessor, Piorun features a new digital seeker unit that is also more resistant to jamming. The seeker is capable of effectively detecting airborne targets at longer range. Furthermore, its capabilities of detecting smaller targets (drones, cruise missiles) have been significantly enhanced.

The Piorun missile has also been fitted with a new Polish proximity fuse system and new propulsion system enhancing the missile’s range and altitude at which the targets may be attacked (6.5 and 4 kilometres correspondingly). The elements of the seeker and of the electronics have been developed by the Telesystem-MESKO company which is a part of the Mesko group. Meanwhile, the launch system has been fitted with a PCO thermal imaging unit. PCO is a part of the PGZ Group.

Piorun is a domestically developed system and all of its design solutions are controlled by Poland. Thanks to the above, it has been possible to order more systems as such in 2016. Initially, the 2013-2022 Technical Modernization Plan had envisaged procurement of around 200 launchers and 500 missiles. Ultimately, twice as many missiles are to be delivered. The delivery process has already begun.

Photo: Chor. Rafał Mniedło/11 LDKPanc.
Photo: Chor. Rafał Mniedło/11 LDKPanc.

New Spike Missiles Delivered

Mesko also announced that the first lot of the Spike-LR ATGMs has been delivered, as per contract signed in December 2015. The aforesaid 600 million zlotys worth agreement covered delivery of 1000 modified missiles, with an additional annex having been signed in the meantime.

Spike-LR ATGM is license manufactured by Mesko, in collaboration with the Israeli Rafael company. The agreement signed back in 2015 has a primary purpose of delivering extra missiles, as this effector is expected to be integrated onto the Rosomak APC. The missiles shall be integrated both with the vehicles fitted with the Hitfist-30 turrets, as well as the newly delivered platforms fitted with the Polish ZSSW-30 turrets made by HSW and WB Electronics. The very same turret system is going to be integrated on the prospective Borsuk [Badger] IFV.