Armed Forces

Poland Willing To Acquire Simulators For The W-3WA Sokół Helicopters

The Armament Inspectorate has started a market analysis which is to make it possible to scrutinize the possibilities within the scope of acquiring a flight simulator for the W-3WA Sokół helicopters utilized by the Polish Armed Forces. The simulator is to be compliant with the European EASA Flight Training Devices (FTD) Level 3 standard, which means that it shall replicate the cockpit, cockpit view and vibration effects on the flight controls with the highest level of fidelity. Proposal submission deadline expires on 17th April this year.

It shall be noted that this is not the first attempt made by the Armed Forces, the aim of which would be to acquire a simulator for the W-3WA Sokół helicopters. The previous market analysis had been carried out in September 2013, and it regarded a device which would meet the requirements of the AESA Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer (FNPT) Level C norm – which is four times higher than the current requirements, stemming from FTD Lvl. 3.

Back then the Army wanted to acquire a fully moving simulation platform, making it possible to fly all over the Polish territory, with a particular emphasis placed on modelling the main airbases, as well as special helipads, e.g. on top of the National Security Bureau building or near the presidential facilities.

Now the research is focused on a fixed cockpit which would fully replicate the instruments and the FCS (Flight Control System). The virtual visualisation shall be compliant with the European EASA standards, meaning that a simulation of 30 minute flight in any weather conditions, at night or during the day, should be possible. Field of view for the pilots is to be 150 degrees wide horizontally and 60 degrees wide vertically. Additionally the simulator is to make it possible to use the Night Vision Googles.

Simulation shall also cover the sound effects and option of modifying the weather conditions and flight parameters throughout the whole course of the flight. All of the communication and interactions with the instruments are to be recordable and playback is to be possible, both in an audio, as well as in a video form, also within the scope of the simulated flight.

Final offer placing deadline, regarding the aforementioned market research, expires on 17th April. Besides the technical parameters of the offered simulators, the companies shall also certify their experience within the field. The Armament Inspectorate assumes that there would be an option of realizing a technical dialogue regarding the W-3WA Sokół helicopter simulation facilities before the acquisition/purchase procedures of these are initiated.