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Polish Army Is To Buy Thermal Vision Cameras For The Rosomak APC?

Polish Armed Forces announced a tender, the aim of which is to prepare the documentation needed to integrate a thermal vision camera with the Rosomak wheeled APC’s SIPC power-supply system. In its basic assumption, the documentation is to make it possible to utilize cameras which would constitute a replacement for the Tilde FC suite. Thus the newly prepared documents may be used as a basis for the potential modernization programme.

The tender, the objective of which is to prepare documentation which would make it possible to integrate the Tilde FC camera, utilized in the current fire control system of the Rosomak vehicle, with the SIPC power supply system, has been announced by the 2nd Regional Logistics base. The procurement is planned to be realized until 31st August 2015. Price is the only criterion which is going to be used, in order to asses the offers.

In the basic assumption, the ownership rights of created documentation are to be transferred to the Polish Treasury. The documentation could be used in the Rosomak APC fire-control systems modernization programme, which would be realized through replacement of the thermal-imaging devices.

PCO S.A. is one of the potential contractors who could create the new thermal imaging system for the Rosomak APC. The facility is working on, inter alia, an unmanned turret for the new generation of the carrier, fitted with a PCO S.A. thermal vision camera. It should be recalled that also the vehicles featuring the older, manned turrets – which are the subject of the current procedure – are also going to be modernized, e.g. by integrating the Spike ATGW system on them. The Company’s offer includes, among other devices, KLW-1 Asteria suite which is dedicated for the IFV’s fire control system. The KLW-1 device functions within the bandwidth between 8 and 12 μm and it is fitted with a III-gen cooled detector.