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Polish MoD: “Wisła” Air-Defence Programme Decisions To Be Made In April

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Czesław Mroczek, Secretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Defence, claimed that a relevant recommendation, regarding the selections which are to be made within the “Wisla” air defence system programme, is to be developed until the end of April this year. 

Minister Mroczek stated the above during the conference related to the role of the Polish Armament Group in development of the Polish Army. He claimed that decisions connected to the selection of the “Wisła” system contractors are to be made within the upcoming weeks. Until the end of April, the Ministry of Defence is to develop a proper recommendation, regarding selection of the contractor within the scope of the discussed proceedings.

Czesław Mroczek confirmed that the proceedings related to the medium range anti-aircraft and anti-missile system take offers made by the Rayethon and Eurosam companies into account. Decision is to be made “within the scope of the recommendation made by the Ministry of Defence”, and the whole process of selecting the contractor is to end in April.

Moreover, according to the information provided by Mroczek, the programmes related to construction of the coastal defence and patrol vessels will be realized by the Polish shipyards, while the formal decision related to the Miecznik and Czapla projects is to be announced in the upcoming days. When it comes to the multi-role helicopters, the tender is currently at the stage of assessment of the offset offers. This assessment is also to be completed soon by the Polish Ministry of Economy. After the formal assessment is completed, an official statement regarding the results of the discussed stage of the procedure is to be issued. 

Currently, the procedure related to selection of the medium range air defences involves the  Raytheon company, offering the Patriot system, along with the Eurosam consortium which offers the SAMP/T system. In line with the document which outlines the procedures of modernization - “Armed Forces Technical Modernization Plan For The Period Between 2013 and 2022” - the deliveries are planned to happen starting from 2018. In total, the Polish Army is to receive 8 examples of the “Wisła” batteries.