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Rak Self-Propelled Mortar Test Programme Finished – Positive Results

  • Planetarium Śląskie w Chorzowie. Fot. Paweł Ziemnicki/
    Planetarium Śląskie w Chorzowie. Fot. Paweł Ziemnicki/

Polish Armed Forces have completed the test programme regarding the 120 mm Rak self-propelled mortars, embedded within the  track- and wheel-based chassis types. The test results are positive.

Rak mortar has been developed by the Huta Stalowa Wola [Stalowa Wola Ironworks] company. According to the manufacturer, the vehicle is capable of attacking targets at distances of up to 10 kilometres. The integrated command, communication and fire control system is based on the Topaz suite, originally developed by the WB Electronics company. The suite is being already utilized by the Polish army. The mortars are based on the Rosomak wheeled APC and on the modified chassis of the 2s1 Goździk self-propelled howitzer.

Rak has an ability to carry out attacks in the forward direction, while the loading system is capable of functioning when the barrel is placed in any position in the horizontal plane.  According to the manufacturer, the system is capable of getting from idle into combat position in 30 seconds, while switching the settings the other way round takes only 15 seconds.

According to the current official release “Armed Forces Technical Modernization Plan for the Period Between 2013-22”, 8 division (e.g. artillery battalion)-sized units of the Rak system are to be acquired by 2018.