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Rosomak APC Headed To Slovakia. New Stage Of Cooperation For The V4 Group

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The Slovakian Army is going to acquire 30 Rosomak wheeled APCs, in a variety which was developed in cooperation with the Slovak Armament Industry. Polish PM, Ewa Kopacz, signed a letter of intent, together with her Slovakian couterpart, Robert Fico, regarding the prospects of cooperation within the field of armament acquisition. 

According to PM Kopacz, the Slovak Army is going to acquire 30 examples of the Polish APC. Currently, the negotiations are going on. The procedure refers to the conditions pertaining the vehicle’s production process. PM Kopacz added that the Siemaniowice facility, thanks to the Rosomak order, would receive a profit in an amount larger than PLN 120 million.

The letter of intent related to the Polish-Slovak armoured vehicles constitutes a significant step towards tightened regional cooperation of the defence industries. Secondly, PGZ [Polish Armament Group] is going to obtain a better position in the eyes of the Poland’s southern neighbours. After the problematic nature of the Czech procurement procedure related to the Pandur armoured vehicles, the Rosomak APC’s chances within the markets of the Mid-Eastern Europe will be surely enhanced.

Export of the Rosomak APC was made possible thanks to the relevant agreement signed with the Patria company. PM Kopacz noted that the new variant of the Rosomak carrier is going to also be marketed in order to reach many other foreign customers, also outside Europe.

The Army of Slovakia plans to acquire ca. 100 wheeled APC’s that would replace the post-Warsaw Pact SKOT vehicles, manufactured by Poland and Czechoslovakia. The first 20 examples of the Rosomak APC are going to be acquired for the 2nd mechanized brigade which is also an element of the EU Visegrad Combat Group. According to Polish Deputy Minister of Defence, Czesław Mroczek, during a confidential press meeting, the Polish offer is also very attractive when it comes to mutual cooperation between the two states, especially within the area of defence industry.

In late June, the demonstration of the Scipio APC took place within the Slovak Zahorie firing range. Scipio is a joint initiative carried out by PGZ and the Slovak EVPU company. The Scipio APC is a Rosomak APC chassis fitted with unmanned EVPU TURRA 30 turret which, originally, was to be used by the Slovak BMP-1/BMP-2 vehicles.

TURRA 30 turret is armed with 2A42 30 mm cannon of Russian design, manufactured by Slovakians, along with 7.62 mm PKT machine gun and two Konkurs/Fagot ATGW’s. EVPU company claims that its unmanned turret could be also with the US made Bushmaster II cannon or with the Spike LR ATGW just as easily. TURRA 30 is equipped with a targeting system fitted with a visible and thermal spectrum camera, laser range-finder, stabilizer and target tracking system.

The turret itself features class 1 armour, according to the STANAG 4569 norm. It may be enhanced with additional modules. Thanks to the unmanned layout, the armament operator is sitting inside the hull, which greatly enhances the level of safety for him.

When it comes to its armament Scipio is quite close to the target Rosomak APC which is to be procured by Poland. The Polish APC is going to feature an unmanned turret with Bushmaster II cannon utilizing the 30x173 NATO rounds, along with the latest Spike-LR ATGW system.