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Rosomak APCs for Ukraine. USA Confirms the Numbers

KTO Rosomak z wieżą Hitfist-30P na defiladzie "Silna Biało-Czerwona" z okazji Święta Wojska Polskiego, 15 sierpnia 2023 roku.
Rosomak APC with the Hitfist-30P turret, during the "Silna Biało-Czerwona" parade, organized on the Polish Armed Forces Day, 15th August 2023.
Photo. Polish Ministry of Defence / Flickr

During a conference held by the US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, regarding the provision of military aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the number of Rosomak APCs transferred by Poland was unveiled.

As Lloyd Austin said, Poland provided Ukraine with ca. 100 wheeled Rosomak APCs in total. The above refers to the wheeled IFV variant with the Hitfist-30P turret and several specialist vehicles.

The current tensions between Poland and Ukraine, regarding the grain imports, make the Ukrainian plans to procure a similar number of Rosomak vehicles questionable. However, that transaction was to involve the funds provided by the US, and the EU. The funding was not expected to come from the Ukrainian defence spending pool. It is also unclear, whether the 100 examples already transferred are viewed as ones provided based on the aforesaid Rosomak APC procurement agreement, or as a donation.

We also have no clear data on the proportions in numbers of the specific variants of the Rosomak platforms transferred to Ukraine. The statement made by Lloyd Austin is general, but it still bears a lot of relevance, independently confirming the number of wheeled APCs transferred to Kyiv by Warsaw.

The US DoD previously also released data on the number of Krab howitzers received by Ukraine: 54 examples. Until 22nd February 2022, HSW S.A. had 122 Krab howitzers on order.