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Rosomak APCs To Be Outfitted with the ZSSW-30 Turrets. Contract Imminent

Photo. Maciej Szopa. Defence24

The Polish Ministry of Defence is going to sign an agreement on delivery of the first lot of ZSSW-30 turret systems for the Rosomak APC, early next week - found out, off the record. This would allow the Rosomak to neutralize a broad range of threats, including heavy armour.

The information that we have obtained suggests that the agreement would be signed, with a consortium led by HSW S.A., and also involving the WB Group, at the beginning of next week. The agreement would cover the acquisition of 70 turrets - this is the first lot that is to be integrated on the Rosomak APC. The APCs would come from the existing inventory.

Ultimately, as announced previously, the Polish Armed Forces would receive 341 Rosomak vehicles with new turrets, and this refers to platforms that are commissioned as brand new. It cannot be ruled out that more ZSSW turrets would be integrated, taking into account the process in which two new divisions are being formed.

ZSSW-30 is a Polish unmanned turret module, developed by HSW, jointly with the WB Group. The development project has been launched in 2013, the first Spike-LR ATGM launches took place in 2016, while the qualification tests programme came to an end in 2021. During the R&D project, the turret was reconfigured multiple times. It originally was to use optoelectronic hardware provided by a foreign partner. Ultimately, both the gunner, as well as the commander have Polish optoelectronics at their disposal, developed by the PCO S.A. company.

The turret is armed with Mk 44/S Bushmaster II cannon in a variant allowing for use of ABM rounds, and quick conversion to shoot the Super 40 rounds. The turret also features a twin Spike-LR/LR2 launcher and UKM-2000C machine gun. The fire control system provides high levels of ergonomics and accuracy. A single panel can be used to control all of the weapons. Hunter-killer/killer-killer capacity has also been made available, thanks to the independent commander's observation system.

The new turret is also going to be integrated on the new Borsuk IFV - but the configuration is going to differ a bit. Son Jae-il, President of Hanwha Defense, told us that it is also possible to integrate the ZSSW-30 turret on the Redback IFV. The Polish Ministry of Defence expressed its interest in procurement of Redback, to add extra capabilities that would be complementary, serving alongside the Borsuk platform.

Rosomak vehicles with the ZSSW turrets would be the first Polish Army platform integrated with a modern ATGM - they would also be the first Rosomak vehicles capable of launching the Spike missile. The vehicles have been operated since 2004, but the integration of an anti-tank weapon system has only been possible now, as the new turret is commissioned. We do not know whether a decision could be expected on the replacement of the existing Hitfist turrets, or modernization of those turrets, including integration with ATGM launchers. A plan as such did exist, but it was abandoned in 2018. The commissioning of high numbers of Rosomak vehicles with the ZSSW-30 turret is an indispensable element in the enhancement of the Polish anti-tank capabilities.