Armed Forces

Russia Has Lost 3,000 MBTs in Ukraine Already

Photo. General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Facebook

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has just published the latest data on the Russian losses.

According to the data released, the Russian Armed Forces have reportedly lost 3,032 main battle tanks already, in the ongoing conflict. Not only does that number include MBTs destroyed, but also ones captured by the Ukrainians, or withdrawn for other reasons.

The lost MBTs include T-62s, T-64s, T-72s, T-80s, and the latest T-90s. When it comes to losses confirmed based on photo and video evidence, the following data has been published by the Oryx blog's team: 1,585 main battle tanks lost by the Russians: 927 destroyed, 65 incapacitated, 59 abandoned, and 534 captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Even if the number of main battle tanks destroyed or neutralized, listed by Ukraine is overestimated (as in the history of warfare, the loss estimates related to the adversary are usually optimistic), it is undoubtedly certain that the Russian armoured elements have suffered from significant losses.