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Saber Strike: 2100 NATO Soldiers Training in Drawsko Pomorskie

  • Ilustracja: Thales
    Ilustracja: Thales

Saber Strike exercise is going to take place between 8th and 19th June, in Drawsko Pomorskie. The operation is going to involve more than 2100 soldiers from five countries. Poland is going to be represented by ca. 500 soldiers from the 15th Giżycko-based Mechanized Brigade.

The Saber Strike training exercise organized by the US Army Europe Command within the Drawsko firing range is to be one of the four exercises organized simultaneously within the territories of the host countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

The exercises scenario is based on an assumed international land operation in the Baltic States, involving land and air assets, along with the marine corps of the NATO and partner nations, in line with the Article 5. of the Washington Treaty. The main goal is to integrate the elements in order to prepare them for a fight in a potential allied operation.

As the release issued by the General Command of the Polish Armed Forces suggests

The Saber Strike exercise, along with the Baltops and the Noble Jump operations, are the training initiatives undertaken by NATO in June – all of the exercises are jointly referred to as Allied Shield. In total 15 thousand soldiers, coming from 19 NATO member states and three partner nations, are going to be involved. The common ground between the exercises is visible in their defensive character and the main objective. The aim of the operations is to increase interoperability and increase the joint involvement in the NATO Collective Defence.

The Drawsko operation is going to involve soldiers from Denmark, France, Germany, USA, and finally – Poland. The Polish elements involved in the operation are going to utilize the T-72 tanks, BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, 120 mm mortars and Spike ATGW’s.