Armed Forces

Siemoniak: “Spearhead is operational”

Polish Minister of Defence, Tomasz Siemoniak, expressed his satisfaction with the way in which the Noble Jump exercise is conducted. The operation included, for the first time in history, deployment of the NATO VJTF in Poland. The head of the Polish Ministry of Defence stated that the potential plans regarding deployment of the US Army equipment in Europe include the equipment for one brigade, dispersed within 5 countries. However, the final decisions have not been made yet.

Polish Minister of Defence stated that execution of the Noble Jump exercise has created some optimism related to the planned NATO Summit in Warsaw, which – in the eyes of the Polish Deputy Prime Minister – is to provide “full degree” of security for the countries of the Mid-Eastern Europe. Siemoniak noted that now it has been proven that the “spearhead is operational”.

Deputy Prime Minister Siemoniak also thanked the Ministers of Defence from Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, who attended the press conference closing the training exercise. The above-mentioned countries play a relevant role in forming the temporary layout of the NATO quick reaction forces for 2015. In a response to a question asked by one of the journalists, Polish Minister of Defence noted the “peculiarity” of the alliance between Poland and Germany.

Minister Siemoniak additionally informed that plan, the aim of which would be to deploy the US Army equipment in Mid-Eastern Europe is also being considered, particularly when it comes to its scope, as it may cover equipment for one brigade, and that the relevant equipment would be dispersed across five different countries. The final decision is a matter of weeks now. The Polish Minister of Defence deeply hopes that it would be “positive”.

At the same time, Minister Siemoniak recalled the public opinion survey carried out within the NATO states, where most of the citizens claimed that they are against helping the allies attacked by Russia. He stated, in the light of the results of the above survey, that the current security situation requires much larger efforts. Deputy Prime Minister noted that in any other case, defending peace in Europe may not be effective. Polish Minister of Defence appealed, asking the politicians and the media to inform the society about the current situation.

Siemoniak also emphasized the fact that there is a great need to create proper decision-making mechanisms, within the scope of politics, also referring to the use of the quick reaction forces. The discussed issue is going to be the main subject of the meeting of the NATO Ministers of Defence, which is planned to happen next week.

General Phillip Breedlove, NATO Commander in Europe, confirmed the fact that some talks regarding deployment of the equipment, which would bolster the NATO quick reaction capabilities, are on the go. During the press conference it was expressly stressed that no decisions have been made, within that scope. The issue is going to be discussed during the meeting of the NATO Ministers of Defence, scheduled to happen between 24th and 25th June.