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Ślązak Patrol Vessel has been Test Launched

  • Stacja w Alytusie wchodząca w skład LitPol Link. Fot.
    Stacja w Alytusie wchodząca w skład LitPol Link. Fot.
  • Anna Streżyńska Minister Cyfryzacji/ Fot. Instytut Kościuszki
    Anna Streżyńska Minister Cyfryzacji/ Fot. Instytut Kościuszki
  • Stacja w Alytusie wchodząca w skład LitPol Link. Fot.
    Stacja w Alytusie wchodząca w skład LitPol Link. Fot.

Yestserday, at the Gdynia Navy Shipyard, hull of the “Ślązak” class patrol vessel has been test-launched.

According to the official press release “one of the aims of the launching operation was to verify the current weight of the vessel via a capacity test, and to prepare the ship for installation of the propellers”.

Launching was carried out by getting the vessel out of the dock and mooring it at the southern pier. Later the dock-support has been changed into so called “second variant of docking”, and the hull was inserted into the dock again. Nothing surprising happened during the operation, and, what is even more important, the ship stays on the surface of the water, as expected.

Data on completeness of works

According to the information released by the Navy Shipyard on occasion of the launch, the machinery in the “Ślązak’s” engine room has been 90% complete (including: the engines, gearbox, turbine, electric energy generating devices, pumps, compressors, shafts, artillery equipment supports), structural mounts for the systems have gained 80% degree of readiness, while the hull completion status is claimed to be at the stage of 98%. It is estimated that the vessel weighs ca. 1700 tonnes.

What is more, an Organization – Preparation Group selected from the Combat Vessels Squadron takes part in the process of constructing the new patrol vessel (according to the Regulations of Service for the Navy Vessels). At the moment that group consists of 20 persons. What is more, specialized training programme has been started in November this year, by the suppliers of equipment. Future crew of the vessel is to take part in that training. Commander of the future vessel has also been selected – ex-commander of the Missile Vessel, ORP Grom – Commandor 2nd Lieutenant Sebastiana Kała.

„Ślązak” - what will it be?

Ślązak is to be a patrol vessel based on the Gawron corvette. Difference is, that Ślązak will not be equipped with the ASW systems and weaponry, it will also not be equipped with anti-ship missiles and surface to air missiles other than Grom MANPADS.

Current tasks to be fulfilled by this vessel include:

  • Destroying naval and aerial targets, smaller vessels and asymmetric threats;
  • Patrolling and protecting sea communication routes and harbour approach paths;
  • Escorting and protecting commercial vessels;
  • Monitoring sea routes, as an element of international forces;
  • Anti-pirate operations;
  • Providing support and cooperating with Special Forces;
  • Functioning as an ad hoc base for helicopters;
  • Taking part in humanitarian and environment-protection operations.

Standard displacement mass of the vessel is to be as much as 1800 tonnes, total length – 95.2 m, width – 13.5 m, height to the level of the board – 9.35 m, displacement – 3.6 m. The ship is to be able to operate autonomously for a period of 30 days.

Mixed propulsion system consists of 2 main engines (power output: 2 x 3240 kW) and a turbine, maximum power of which is to be as much as 25 000 Kw. All that is to allow the ship to reach speeds of up to 30 knots. Range of the vessel – 2000 NM at at 18 knots and  4500 NM at 14 knots. Ship’s power plant is equipped with 4 generators, 600 kW each. Additional equipment includes bow azimuth thruster, which improves manoeuvrability, and active stabilizers, which improve comfort for the crew.

The vessel command system is to be supplied by the Thales company. Armament -  OTO Melara 76 mm cannon, 2 MARLIN – WS 30 mm cannon, 4 GROM missile launchers and 4 .50 cal. heavy machine guns.