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Slovakia Acquires Anti-Tank Weapons

  • Fot. Domena Publiczna

Saab informed that it has received the first order, pertaining the newly developed Carl-Gustaf M4 system. The procurement proposal was submitted by the Slovakian Army, and the deliveries are expected to take place next year.

The new grenade launcher manufactured by the Saab company entered the market a year ago, its first public demonstration was organized in September 2014. The new variant of the reputable weapon weighs less (ca. 7 kilograms) and it is fully compatible with the state of the art optronic devices, or programmable munitions. Weight savings were possible due to wide use of modern materials, including carbon fibre and titanium.

Slovakia is the first state that decided to acquire the new weapons system. Two other states procured demo-examples that are going to go through the evaluation test programmes.

Carl-Gustaf multi-purpose grenade launcher may be utilized along with a wide variety of ammunition, including the tandem-warhead HEAT 751 projectiles, capable of penetrating the ERA. Projectiles that may be used to strike targets protected by obstacles, to neutralize the infantry or the fortifications, or light armoured vehicles, are also available. Polish Army acquired a minor quantity of the Carl Gustaf launchers. Special operations component is one of the main users.

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