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Special Forces Involved in a NATO Response Force Exercise. Operations In The Baltic States

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Commandos hailing from 11 NATO member states, including Poland, have carried out a readiness test of the NATO SOF component. The exercise concerned the area of operations carried out within the framework of the NATO Response Force component.

US Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR) acted as the organizer of the exercise. The main goal of the operation was to verify the capacity related to quick deployment of the special forces into the threatened area.

The task has been realized with assistance offered by CV-22 Osprey VTOL aircraft and MH-47 Chinook helicopters. According to SOCEUR, “Trojan Footprint” exercise took place between 8th and 20th May, within the training ranges of the Baltic Republics, primarily Lithuania and Latvia. 

As the commanding staff leading the “Trojan Footprint” operation claims, the exercise has fully confirmed the readiness and capabilities of the special forces elements that constitute a part of the NATO “Spearhead”, for potential rapid deployment and effective collaboration with the host nation, within the context of the realized mission.

During the exercise, the soldiers had to cope with activities undertaken by conventional and unconventional enemy forces, and groups of a criminal character. The scenario also contained elements of a hybrid warfare context. Moreover, the exercise allowed the participants to exchange their experiences and perfect the interoperability.