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Triple Air Defence Debut for “Little Narew”

Night "Little Narew" `Launch.
Photo. 16th Mechanized Division

Launches were carried out at the Ustka range, regarding the newly commissioned Little Narew system operated by the Polish Armed Forces - the system uses the CAMM missile as the effector.


A brief release on the second test firing of this system was published by the 16th Mechanized Division. That release suggests that the launch was carried out, for the first time, by the 15th Air Defence Regiment of the 16th Mechanized Division. The first-ever „Little Narew” launch had been carried out by the troops of the 18th Air Defence Regiment, and some 15th Air Defence Regiment Personnel, back in June this year.


Speaking with, Major Sylwester Czaplicki from the 15th Regiment told us that a single CAMM missile was launched, during a night firing. The launch was successful. SRCP-WR controlled rocket air target served as the threat during the launch. These systems are built by the Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL), based on the decommissioned RS-2US air-to-air missiles. The targets are launched by the Su-22 jets. The system imitates an air threat simulating an MRCA envelope.

This is the first Little Narew launch carried out against a jet-powered air target. Back in June, the launches were being carried out against three MJ-7 Szogun target drones - much slower than SRCP-WR, but also with a much smaller RCS. Both assets mentioned above are routinely used by the Polish air defence units.

One may thus speak of a “triple debut” for this system. Apart from the first launch against a jet-powered target, the launch also took place at night for the first time, and it was also the first time when the 15th Regiment was involved.

Little Narew is a multi-channel air defence system that since 2022 has been commissioned in the Polish Armed Forces. Based on an agreement signed with the PGZ-Narew consortium, two systems were ordered, and both have been delivered already. The system includes the Polish Zenit command suite, and the Soła radar (these were supplied from the Polish Armed Forces« stockpile, after relevant modifications), the iLauncher/CAMM system by MBDA UK, and logistical support components. All elements of Little Narew are carried by Jelcz trucks.

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This is the first-ever, multi-channel air defence system ever to be used by the Polish Armed Forces. Based on experiences gathered throughout the Little Narew and Pilica programmes, a decision was made to create the Pilica+ system that would integrate the CAMM launchers, with an upgraded Zenit-MP command module, newly manufactured Bystra AESA radars, and the Pilica system elements (AAA/SAM systems combining Grom/Piorun MANPADS missiles and ZU-23 artillery pieces), and ultimately also new counter-UAS assets. All performance contracts have already been signed for the Pilica+ programme. Before 2029 the Polish Armed Forces would receive 22 such systems, and the last of the delivered assets would use the iLauncher systems procured within the framework of the Little Narew project.

Meanwhile, performance contracts for the Narew system have been signed during this year«s edition of the MSPO event, envisaging delivery of 138 launchers and more than 1,000 CAMM-ER missiles, all integrated within the IBCS network, manufactured by the Polish defence industry. These elements will be delivered, starting in 2027. Both the „Little Narew” system, and the final configuration of the said system would be replacing the post-Soviet Kub SAM systems commissioned in 1973, and upgraded by the Polish industry, in units such as the 15th Air Defence Regiment.