Buyans In The Black Sea Fleet

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On 12th December, at the Sevastopol naval station, a Russian flag was raised on two new corvettes - “Zeloniy Dol” (602) and “Sierpukhov” (603). Both vessels have been created in line with the 21631 design, belonging to the Buyan-M ship class. The ships are armed with the Kalibr-NK cruise missiles. Vessels of the same class, belonging to the Caspian fleet, have been recently used to neutralize targets in Syria.

These ships have been created as fourth and fifth vessel of the series, by the A.M. Gorkovo Zelenodolskiy Zavod Shipyard from Zelenodolsk (Tatarstan), on the basis of the contract concluded on 19th October 2012.

During the summer season, these vessels have been transported, via the inland waterways, to Novorossiysk, where a series of sea trials took place. Starting from mid-November, the ships are based in Sevastopol, where they are a part of an independent squadron of small missile vessels of the 41st Missile Ship Brigade.

Zelenodolsk shipyard is currently constructing four more ships of this class, contracted on 25th December 2013. The ships mentioned above are going to become a part of the Black Sea fleet, between 2017 and 2019.